The Price Difference between Generic and Brand Name Drugs

The Price Difference between Generic and Brand Name Drugs

You may have noticed that there is quite a large price difference between generic and brand name medications. This can be scary for many people because usually cheaper products are inferior, thus we end up spending fortunes on pricey brand name medicine. However, the price difference between these medical products has nothing to do with their quality. So why is there such a large difference in price:

Development Costs: The main reason why brand name medications cost more compared to generic drugs, is due to development costs. When a pharmaceutical company develops a new medication, they spend millions upon millions of dollars in research, development, testing, production, and more. It is not cheap to create new kinds of medications. For this reason, these companies need to charge more in order to take back their investment. This is a problem that generic drugs do not have; they simply copy existing formulas, thus avoiding massive development costs.

Are Generic Drugs Safe: Since generic medications are so much more affordable compared to brand name options, are they safe to use? As a matter of fact, generic drugs are extremely safe, and in many cases, they even perform better compared to their brand name counterparts. They are not only required by law to be just as safe as the original but to also be just as effective or more so. Since, generic drugs cannot copy a formula ingredient for ingredient, they must make small changes. These changes can actually help improve the drug or make it a much better candidate for compounding services.

Should You Use Generic Medications: In most cases unless specifically stated by your doctor, it is a much better decision to go with generic drugs. These medications will not only save you a fortune, but they can also provide you with much better results and have greater potential through more affordable compounding services.

Generic medications are definitely a good choice when you are looking for cheap medication that can help give your health the boost it needs.  can even help you get much better deals and prescription discounts through our revolutionary network of pharmacies that aim to provide a convenient and affordable experience. If you would like to find out more about how we can serve you, please do not hesitate to get in touch with at anytime.

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