Important Tips When Choosing a Pharmacy to Fill Your Prescription

Rxeed is a unique, online platform that connects patients, wholesalers , and pharmacies in an open, competitive marketplace for prescription drugs. This platform works as eBay or Amazon but for consumers pharmacies and drug wholesalers . is able to assist you in saving costs from buying generic or branded medicines by inviting pharmaceuticals to bid for your prescription.

However, don’t be blinded by the cheap medications that are being offered. While having prescription discounts is an advantage, it is important for you to consider the following factors when choosing a pharmacy to fill your prescription:

  • Works to get your medications covered. Look for a pharmacist that doesn’t just give you discounted prices – but, also look for a pharmacy that will work to get your medications covered with your insurance company. If your pharmacist goes out of their way to call your physician or to work with your insurance company, it shows how much they care about your well-being and health. It also shows how much they want you to have access to your medications at the lowest prices available.
  • Availability. Availability can refer to two aspects: the pharmacy’s operation hours and location. As much as possible, choose a pharmacy close to your workplace or residence. After all, who wants to travel for miles while sick just to get their medications? Also, while choosing a 24-hour pharmacy isn’t really crucial, make sure to choose a pharmacy that operates from morning to evening throughout the week.
  • Prices. Naturally, you would want to select a pharmacy that offers the most budget-friendly prices available. At, you can enjoy the benefit of having multiple pharmacies and wholsaers bid their lowest price for your prescription business. This allows you to choose from many competing bids and finding the pharmacy that best suits your preferences and budget.