Want Cheaper Prescriptions Drugs? Shop Around Using Rxeed

With medication costs on the rise, finding cheap medication is becoming more difficult. However, with Rxeed, shopping around for cheaper prescription drugs is easier than ever! Rxeed.com is a platform where pharmacies and drug wholesalers bid on your prescription business. You simply have to post your prescription needs and in just a few moments, you’ll receive competitive bids from pharmacies to choose from.

Here are a few more tips to help you get prescription discounts and cheaper prescription drugs:

  • Look for “big chain pharmacy” alternatives. Prescription in hand, you’re probably headed to the nearest big chain pharmacy that you can find. However, did you know that a Consumer Reports study found that these big chain pharmacies are actually the most expensive places to buy medications? So, instead of heading to these well-known pharmacies, look for alternatives.
  • Note: If you get to the pharmacy and find out that your medication is too expensive or is not covered, talk to your pharmacist and insurance company and ask if they have an alternative medication that is covered. Or even better Rxeed it and see what other independent pharmacies can do for you and fight for your business using Rxeed.com
  • Go generic. Generic drugs are essentially copies of brand-name drugs. Generic drugs have exactly the same intended use, dosage, strength, safety, route of administration, side effects, and pharmacological effects as the original drug. However, when compared to their brand-name counterpart, generic drugs are significantly cheaper. Make sure to ask your pharmacist if your medication is available as the generic.
  • Comparison shopping. Prices of medications can vary from one pharmacy to another. With the latest technologies, you no longer have to physically “shop around” and personally visit pharmacies to check out their prices. With Rxeed.com, you can choose how much you pay for prescription drugs by letting multiple pharmacies bid their lowest price for your medication. Rxeed.com provides you with a convenient online platform where you can compare the prices of medications at various pharmacies, helping you get the best deals possible.

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